Did You Know In the Next Minute, 30 People Will Become Victims of Identity Theft?

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SIMPLIFIED IDENTITY THEFT: Cyber Security Solutions Made Simple

Understanding how Identity Theft can affect you and having a preventative maintenance plan can help you eliminate the stress and pervasiveness of this epidemic.

Here’s a glimpse of what you will learn:

After the recent Equifax breach and reading this book, I came to realize how dangerous and easy  it is that my identity can be stolen. I can honestly say that it’s not as much of a concern after learning about the MOST important solution

- Dan Bedy Clermont, Entrepreneur


  • Restoration Cheat sheet

    Step by Step blueprint for restoring your Identity.
    A Complete Do It Yourself (DIY) Workbook for step by step process to protect identity

  • Find out if You're a Victim of Equifax

    Consumers are reporting credit fraud at a high rate since the Equifax Breach. Find out if you are one of the 145.5 million consumers from the Historical Data Equifax Breach and Protect Yourself from the nightmare.

  • Webinar

    60 minutes Group Webinar Q&A Call
    30 Minutes Webinar on Identity Theft Solutions


145.5 Million Consumers Were Exposed by The Massive Equifax Data Breach.


Victim of Hacker "Terrified" By Identity Theft


IDTheft (Identity Theft) is when someone uses the personal information of someone else to pose as that consumer, in order to :

         1) fraudulently obtain goods or services in the victim’s name, or
         2) conceal their true identity from government and law enforcement authorities or others who perform background checks

IT’S A CRIME!     

IDTheft is the #1 and fastest growing crime in America. As of September of 2017, over 11,000,000 identity fraud cases were reported with an additional 143 million people at risk.

Imagine receiving a phone call and a hacker tells you, “I own your identity and if you want it back, you must pay $300 in Bitcoins to receive it.” He then proceeds to verify your social security number by spitting it out, and texting verification of password changes to you.


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My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a home, I was notified while at work about a new loan application that I had no idea about. I was well equipped from the things I learned from the book, which could have denied our home loan

Colson Charles

I know that ID theft is out there but I bypassed the idea like it cannot or will never affect me. That's where I went wrong, no one is exempt from it. As a nurse and a patient, I needed that piece of information to motivate me to protect myself. I will recommend this book to all my friends, and colleagues as I would hate for something to happen to them.

Mica Constant
Registered Nurse
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